M@th Adventures

M@th Adventures is an innovative two-level course for teaching mathematics
to preschool children.
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M@th Adventures is an innovative two-level course for teaching mathematics to preschool children. This enjoyable course promotes the development of mathematical skills through engaging hands-on activities and materials. The series teaches skills such as counting, recognizing, patterning, sorting, graphing, estimating, comparing, measuring and problem solving. The topics and vocabulary in each unit are appropriate for children learning English as a second language without placing too much emphasis on language learning. The video clips and interactive games provide enjoyable ways for children to practice mathematical concepts in class and at home.

With M@th Adventures students will:

 develop mathematical skills through hands-on activities and manipulative materials

 develop cognitive and early literacy skills

 learn and practice math concepts through songs and rhymes

 work with digital components like videos and interactive games for further practice


Components & Resources:

For Students

 Student’s Book

 Resource Pack

 Student’s CD

For Teachers

 Teacher’s Guide

 with Pocket Cube

 Resource Pack

 Teacher’s Resource CD

 Digital Book





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